Privacy Policy
InplayZ Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy")

Hello! Welcome to the InplayZ online platform operated and developed by "ZB Digital Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"): and the InplayZ APP (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "InplayZ Platform").
In order to protect the privacy of all visitors and registered members (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Platform Users") who use the services provided by the InplayZ Platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), the Company, in accordance with this InplayZ Privacy Policy and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and related laws and regulations, collects, uses, processes, and protects the personal information of Platform Users. We hope that Platform Users will carefully read and understand the following explanations before using the Service. When Platform Users start using the Service, it will be deemed that they agree to and comply with the relevant provisions of the InplayZ Privacy Policy.

Scope of this Policy

  1. This Policy covers all personal information collected from InplayZ platform users through the InplayZ platform, including the subsequent use and processing of such information. This includes InplayZ platform user names, ages, birthdays, genders, email addresses, and contact information related to InplayZ platform users (including mailing addresses and phone numbers), or other personal information agreed to be collected by the Company at the time of registration or thereafter.
  2. The scope of the effectiveness of this Policy applies only to the Company and the InplayZ platform. If platform users click on links or advertisements to third-party websites not owned by the Company, they should follow the privacy policies set by the operators of those websites or webpages; this Policy does not apply in such cases.
  3. Before using the Service or registering, platform users should ensure that they have carefully read and understood all the terms listed in this Policy. If platform users cannot agree to comply with all or part of this Policy, they will not be able to use the various member services provided by the InplayZ platform.

Collection of Personal Information

  1. Anyone who registers as a InplayZ platform member according to the methods specified by the InplayZ platform (including but not limited to Facebook login, InplayZ platform site login, etc.) will have their email address, registration account display name, real name, nickname, birthday, gender, contact phone number, and mailing address collected by the Company. In addition to the aforementioned personal information, if platform users register for the service using third-party platforms such as Facebook login or Google login, it means that the InplayZ platform member has agreed to allow the Company to access and collect all information publicly available on the third-party platform (such as profile information, friend lists, current city, and personal biography). In the future, the Company may periodically send newsletters to the email addresses registered by InplayZ platform members.
  2. When using the InplayZ platform, the Service will not require you to log in or provide personal information. Unless in specific cases where notification is provided, the InplayZ platform will not obtain your personal information. However, if you wish to engage in certain activities (such as event predictions, posting comments, etc.), you will need to register and log in to your account.
  3. When you register, the InplayZ platform will ask you to provide relevant personal information. After registering an account, the InplayZ platform will collect your personal information, and when you use certain services of the InplayZ platform, the InplayZ platform will provide services based on the information you provide.
  4. Whether logged in or not, the InplayZ platform will automatically obtain and record other non-personal data, such as your IP address and browsing activities within the InplayZ platform. This data is used solely for traffic analysis or behavioral research using non-personal data to improve the quality of the InplayZ platform's services or provide anonymous information to internal and external clients.

Use of Personal Information

Except with the prior consent of the InplayZ platform member, the InplayZ platform will not arbitrarily provide or disclose their personal information to third parties. However, there are exceptions in the following cases:
  1. Anonymous Processing and De-Identification: The Company will process and analyze the collected member personal information in an anonymous or de-identified manner to conduct statistical research and analysis of related data and provide the analyzed digital data information to the InplayZ platform or external partners for the purpose of improving the service. However, external partners do not have the right to independently use your personal information.
  2. Publicly Available and Legal Requirements: If the InplayZ platform member has made their personal information public, or it is known to the public, or in cases necessary for administrative, judicial, relevant laws, and other legal procedures, the Company may provide necessary personal information to relevant government departments to facilitate legal proceedings.
  3. Transfer of Ownership: When the Company is merged with or acquires assets by other third parties, or for any other reason resulting in a change of ownership of the Company or the InplayZ platform, the Company will announce the relevant details on the InplayZ platform website and social media platforms in advance. All or part of the InplayZ platform member information owned by the Company may also be transferred to third parties in the event of a change of ownership.
  4. Other: If you assert infringement behavior by another user, and that user disputes the infringement behavior you claim, the InplayZ platform may provide your name, email, or phone number to that user to allow direct communication for dispute resolution. This is done in accordance with legal requirements or to protect the legal interests of the Company and third parties.

Deletion of Account and Personal Information

If there is a need to delete your account and personal information, please contact us and provide your name, user account, email address, and contact phone number. After verifying your identity, station staff will assist you with relevant deletion matters.


  1. When platform users use the Service, the InplayZ platform system will automatically record the platform user's IP address, browsing history, content used in the Service, and may set and access cookies on the platform user's computer or internet device for future recognition.
  2. The Company will also allow cooperation partners screened by the InplayZ platform (including but not limited to partners and advertisers) to set and access cookies on platform users' computers or mobile devices. However, the relevant regulations for this part should be referred to the privacy policies of other related cooperation partners, and this Policy does not include the content of this part.
  3. Platform users can decide whether to agree to the use of cookie technology through the settings of their personal computer or internet device. If platform users decide to disable cookies, it may cause inconvenience or restrict the use of some functions on the Service.

Information Security

In the transaction security section of the InplayZ platform, the Company will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that all actions on the InplayZ platform are legal, and all personal information of platform users is tightly protected. However, currently, no technology can guarantee 100% security for information transmission on the internet or related online transactions. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee the security of all platform users' messages or online transactions on the InplayZ platform. The Company reminds platform users that they need to bear any risks related to internet information transmission and online transactions when using internet services.

Modification of Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to modify and update this Policy at any time. When there are significant changes in the processing of personal information, notices will be sent to the email addresses registered by InplayZ platform members when they register on the InplayZ platform or publicly announced on the InplayZ platform.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us.

This privacy policy is effective as of October 31, 2023.